Konnichiwa all students and friends!

Hope you all have had a fantastic time over the Christmas break and, officially, wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR from myself and the team at G.I.F.T.! 
Because of the weather conditions we had to end our training earlier than planned in 2010 and some of you also missed out on the chance to achieve your next grade. Not to worry, it has been rebooked and so far, the grading at St Mary's School dojo is in February on the 27th. We have as yet been unable to secure a date for the Colindale dojo, but this will hopefully be arranged for the 26th, watch this space!
We decided that it would be more beneficial for those students who were to attend the last gradings, to do it in February as this would give all of you ample time to prepare.

 Also, keep an eye on this EVENTS page as we will be now publishing details of E.G.K.A. events throughout the country and overseas and I will let you know in due course of those which I will be attending. In some cases, we may be able to get a minivan to carry a small group of us there and back ( if any of you can save us some money here, let us know!).

Until next time,

Remember, "Look, Listen, Sweat!!!" (Master Morio Higaonna)

Yours in karatedo,

Sensei Kevin