Konichiwa, konbanwa, ohaiyou gozaimasu! Hello, good evening, good morning!

A great night of training was had by all and I was definitely put through my paces! Thanks again to Sensei Neville for coming down to our Hornsey dojo to enhance our karate skills. Thanks to YOU guys for attending and supporting this dojo event which will be the first of many, I'm sure. 
Everyone was pleased and some said that we needed at least another hour! I'll have to negotiate with the school for the next event. Most seminars I have been to last for 3-4 or more hours and even over 2 days. This is something to plan for in the future. 
 For those who couldn't make it, Sensei Neville told us that he was very pleased with the standard of everyone's karate for their level, so well done!

Anyhow, have a look at the GALLERY for photo's taken on the day. Please, if you took photos can you email them to me when you get some time, thanks.
Until next time,

yours in karate-do

Sensei Kevin