Congratulations to all who passed their assessment on 18th July. I was very impressed with the quality of karate on the day, especially those going higher up the scale to their blue belts. Huge thank you's to Sempai Lance for helping out and taking the students through their paces with pad work, Jen for taking a shed load of pictures for us, parents and guardians and of course, the students for working so hard. 
To ALL new graded students, remember to always practice the thing that got you to the belt you are now. Whether it's Sandan Gi, Gekisai Dai Ichi - Ni, Saifa, Renzoku bunkai. Make them sharper and stronger everytime.

Well done to those who double graded on the day also: Vic, Mikey, Ayo, and Joshil.

You've all made me very proud, keep up the work! I hope to see you all at dojo training soon and DEFINITELY at St Mary's dojo on FRIDAY the 30TH JULY 6.30PM for the special class with Sensei Neville!

Mata Ne! See you soon!

Arigato Gozaimashita!#

Sensei Kevin