A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this long-awaited event! In total, 34 students entered the competition, most having no previous experience of tournaments. 
Helping with scoring was Senpai Sam Price and one of our adult students, Gio, helped with the time-keeping. Taking photographs of the event was my neice, Vashanti, who took some fantastic shots of the students warming up, in action and receiving their awards. Sensei Neville was due to attend to help to referee the event but unfortunately, he was held up in traffic on the wonderful A406! Thanks for trying Sensei but please don't use the A406 next time!!

 So, as Sensei Neville was unavailable, I had to referee the matches all by myself. This went well, although it meant that most students were only able to spar once, when I had planned for a second round of team kumite for everyone to participate in, there wasn't enough time. 
 A great time was still had by all even though the event did not go fully as planned. Please see the Instructors Blog tab for details of who placed where. 

 Once again I would like to extend my thanks to the students for having the courage to enter a sparring competition for the first time, the parents and guardians for supporting the students and those individuals who were able to help out on the day. Also to  Sensei Neville Kinghorn for attempting the journey from south London to help us out!
Domo arigatou gozaimashita!