Hello, konnichiwa, konbanwa, oyasuminasai!

It's been a very long time since we've held a special event so I've arranged a couple of events between November and December.
On the Friday 25th of November at St Marys Junior school, Hornsey Dojo, there will be a dojo tournament for ALL G.M.A.U.K. & Dentoh students to attend. It will be from 6pm to 8pm, so this means it will replace the usual sessions for that night. It will be a kumite, or sparring, competition and all grades (even beginners) can enter. You will, in most cases, be evenly matched with someone in your age group and/ or size. There will be a flier out soon so look out for it in the dojo's over the next week or so. 
The week before that will be a Tournament training week for ALL dojo's. So you will have the chance to learn new kumite skills and sharpen the ones you have and also more importantly, learn the rules for kumite. On the day of the tournament you will need: Sparring gloves, leg pads, mouth and groin guards, which are all available through the club, please enquire at your next class or call. If you aren't able to get these in time, then I have a number of gloves and some spare shin pads available to borrow on the day, so no need for panic! Remember, this equipment is for yours and your opponents' protection. 

Sunday 4th December will be the final grading for 2011 in the Hornsey dojo. This will be held at the usual time of 2 - 4pm. All those eligible to grade will be notified in due course. As it's the last 2011 grading, I may invite some students to grade early, however, they will need to have attended solidly through November (at least), to be considered
On Friday 16th December will be our final class at St Marys' Jr school and I have arranged for us to have an extra hour at the end for cakes, snacks and light refreshments and some karate videos to watch!

Gradings at Colindale school will be arranged over the next 2 weeks so watch this space for info. 

I am also hoping to invite Sensei Neville and Sensei James down before the end of the year. They will most likely be attending the Hornsey dojo on a Friday evening and possibly, Colindale, on a Saturday afternoon.

Until next time. Thank you for reading!

Sensei Kevin